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Great Dane Graphics began in 1996 as a one-man operation using Quark Xpress and Adobe products. A colour laser printer was our main point of technological superiority. Today, Great Dane Graphics provides designs for interstate use and prepares reports for Japanese, Canadian, and U.S. destinations. Our focus is still mainly a local one within the Sydney area in Australia but the power of the internet as a communication medium allows us to prepare designs for anyone that can be reached electronically.

While Great Dane Graphics' main emphasis has been on the printed medium, we now provide web site construction and animation capabilities including full 3D modelling support.

Our design philosophy is to capture people's attention with a key image. This is the central focus. In accordance with this philosophy, we provide strong fine art skills in drawing and photography to obtain that key image which is then expanded on through the rest of the design.

Presumably, if you have travelled this far into our web site, then our introductory image has been strong enough to get your attention.

This web site contains numerous samples of the type of work we can provide, ranging from hand drawn portraits to character development and illustration, to full layout capabilities using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. We now offer Dreamweaver and Flash design environments for web site development, and Maya, Mudbox, Premiere Pro and After Effects capabilities to customise animations for maximum online impact. We also cater to those who require Microsoft documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint for those who need to create projects compatible with in-house software.